photograph of street signs for the Top Hat burguer Palace location on E. Main and Catalina streets

Stop at the Top Hat!

Owned and operated by Charlotte Bell, Top Hat Burger Palace operated since 1966 at the corner of Main and Palm streets in the Mission Historic District of Ventura.

It was a sad February day in 2010 for Charlotte and her many loyal customers when Top Hat Burger Palace, unable to extend its lease agreement due to the landowners plan for future development, was forced to close after more than half a century.

In late 2011 a site became available in midtown Ventura, and with Charlotte's help, the Top Hat Burger Palace reopened in January 2012 at 2050 E. Main Street in Ventura.

Located on the Corner of Main and South Catalina streets in Midtown Ventura, Top Hat Burger Palace is serving the same tasty Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Chili and Sides that loyal customers have enjoyed for over half a century.

In keeping with Top Hat Tradition, we use all local vendors for our menu items, including quality meats from Frank's Market in Ventura. Along with the traditional Top Hat Menu, we are expanding our menu to include specialty hot dogs and sandwiches.

For a taste of Traditional Ventura, stop by and say hello and enjoy one of our tasty menu items.

I consider myself a burger connosieur - an amateur - but I have tried and thought critically of each. In short, I would choose a simple American cheeseburger (yet never from a major-chain fast food joint) as my last meal. literally drink green tea and raw fruit and veggies smoothies all day BUT will never be able to resist trying an establishment like Top Hat. I did try for the first time today, 12-8-2012, a single cheeseburger and fries as a test order was exactly, precisely the type of burger I love. And the prices are perfect. And I am a loyal patron of places like Top Hat, after I have discovered them (I moved from Camarillo to Ventura 4 months ago).

So you will see me often now, trying to contribute to a hopefully thriving business. One of those rare local businesses that are still chugging along, making better food than all corporate chains combined. Thank you for, quite simply, being who and what you are.

Eric Sheffield

PS: I will be telling people about your burgers every chance I get, online and out in the world.